Master new techniques or materials to expand your range of expression in creativity


Discover the joy of creative expression and explore the possibilities of different materials and surfaces with my online courses. 

From mastering techniques to tapping into your inner vision, you’ll create beautiful, unique pieces that thanks to new knowledge, will more accurately reflect your personal style and creativity.


Hey! I'm Alexandra

I’m a passionate artist who believe that creativity is the spark that ignites imagination and the foundation of human life. With years of experience in abstract painting and a deep understanding of the work of liquid acrylics, I’ve helped hundreds of people around the world to unleash their creativity and bring their ideas to life.

My mission is to help people of all skill levels to gain new experiences, understand how materials work, and generously share my own creative experiences, so you can become closer to yourself through the chaotic power of abstract art.

Unlock the beauty of chaos through liquid acrylics and abstract art

My happy students say about me

Don’t take my word for it. Trust my students


My happy students say about me

Don’t take our word for it. Trust my students

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